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Lavender Dried Buds (Culinary grade)

Lavender Dried Buds (Culinary grade)
Lavender Dried Buds (Culinary grade)
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EXTRA CLEAN Organically grown Dried Lavender Buds - Culinary grade - grown in Ontario, Canada are sold here.

English Lavender is most commonly used in cooking. In Europe Lavender is used in cuisine for centuries. In Americas we just started discovering this beautiful herb. Lavender has a sweet, floral flavor and is close to rosemary, sage or thyme. The potency of the lavender flowers increases with drying. The culinary uses of dry Lavender bugs are limitless. Please check this website if you want to know more about Cooking with Lavender. Apart from Culinary use, the lavender buds are used in sachets, pillows, in cosmetics, as medicinal herb and more...

99% of Lavender grown on our farm is English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) , and - as always - all our plants are grown organically and environment friendly.

Flower buds are collected, dried and cleaned by hand, so you can rest assured the product you use in your kitchen is all organic and perfectly clean.  Read here about Our Lavender Processing.

What does it take to make Culinary grade Lavender buds ?

1) First - most important - only English Lavender is considered to be suitable for culinary use.

2) Organic growing, no chemicals, no pesticides used. Bees love Lavender flowers, and we have to make sure our growing methods do not harm bees.

3) Cleaning methods - after flowers are picked, dried and buds separated - making sure all dirt, dust, impurities are removed from the buds pile. 

Sold by 50g packets.

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