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Growing Sunflowers

  • Seed sunflowers directly outside in the full sun spot in your garden 2 weeks before the last frost danger in your area.
  • Water seedlings periodically, once a week is good enough.
  • Fertilize plants with organic fertilizer every 2-3 weeks. Sunflowers grow very fast and reach 5-6 feet height - they will require lots of nutrition from soil.
  • Other than the above steps, sunflowers require no special care and grow happily by themselves. They attract many natural pollinators (bees, butterflies, humming birds) to your garden, so you may find that other vegetables and fruits produce more harvest when they have sunflowers grow nearby.
  • You will know when your sunflowers are ripe: the head stops moving around following the Sun - now they always look downwards, and the head becomes yellow or brown. Check the flower head - the seeds start forming and getting fuller. If you grow sunflower to eat seeds yourself, then you better protect them from birds and squirrels - they love sunflower seeds too. You can put any kind of mesh around the sunflower head - they can stand like that until frost and only become better.
  • Harvest sunflower seed: cut the plant's head off the stem. Seeds will easily get out of their seats if you just gently rub your hand over them.
  • Sunflower seeds contain lots of good healthy stuff, and are yummy if you dry them first, then roast a bit on a dry frying pan for several minutes.

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