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 We grow different types of onion that grow best in Canadian climate, and you can buy them here.

Onions grow best in rich well drained soil. The more clay soil contains the more pungent onion it produces.  Onions are cultivated in 3 colors: yellow, red and white - that is the color of onion bulbs that are harvested.  There are other types of onions that do not produce bulbs, but rather are appreciated for the lash green leaves, i.e. leeks, scallions, welsh onion.

All types of Onion are used widely in any kitchen around the world. But also onion has long history of medicinal use as a strong antibacterial agent. When eaten raw regularly, onion increases "good" cholesterol HDL in blood. Read more about Health benefits of Onion here.

Model: Onion Seeds
Buy Welsh Onion seeds here ! Most commonly called "green onion", "salad onion" or "Scallions".  Valuable source of vitamin-rich greens in early spring with no maintenance.Welsh Onion is perennial onion that does not grow bulbs, but instead forms root ball, that overwinters and start growing fro..
Onion White, seeds Onion White, seeds
Model: Onion Seeds
Large white skin bulbs, strong pungent onion taste. Skin becomes pale yellow after some storage time. Excellent source of vitamins when eaten fresh. Used in cuisine all over the world with meat, fish, in salads, sandwiches and much more. The medicinal use: fresh bulb has strong anti-bacterial proper..
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