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We grow and sell seeds of Sunflower that grow well in Canada and tolerate any type of soil. Flowers of sunflower attract pollinators (bees, butterflies) as well as small birds - natural predators that eat lots of bad bugs in your garden.

Sunflower seeds are edible seeds, that contain natural vegetable oils.

Sunflower seeds are one of the world healthiest foods. 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds (shelled) contain 80% of daily norm of vitamin E that is considered the main fat soluble anti-oxidant of the body. It provides significant anti-inflammatory defense. Among numerous other health benefits of sunflower seeds are:

  • normalizing cholesterol levels
  • calming nerves, blood vessels and muscles
  • detoxification and cancer prevention

Read more about Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds .

If you need information about how to grow sunflowers, please refer to our Growing Guide here.

Model: Sunflower
"Confectionery " type sunflower, meaning seeds are large and edible - used for preparing nutritious snacks.Plant grows tall and heavy  - over  2 m (7'), with large heads - up to 30 cm. Seeds are long (2 cm), and full, hulls are white colored with distinct grey stripes. Excellent for..
Model: Sunflower
This sunflower seeds were brought to us originally from Kazakhstan. It has a distinct white seed hull, it is  another "confectionery "type, meaning seeds are large and edible - mostly used for preparing nutritious snacks.Plant grows tall - over  2m (7'), with large heads - up to 15-20cm...
Sunflower Russian Mammoth,  seeds
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Model: Sunflower
This sunflower plant grows very tall in good conditions, and flower head grows large in diameter up to 30 cm. Seeds are edible, dark grey with distinct white stripe, medium in size (1.5cm long). Open pollinated. Grown organically in our garden.  Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds are attracted to ..
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