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 Best organic Cucumber seeds for Canadian climate are sold here ! 

There are two types of Cucumbers extensively grown around the word:  slicing cucumbers - usually large fruits with thicker skin, and pickling cucumbers - small fruits with thin skin.

Health benefits of Cucumber include:

  • they are very low in calories and their skin contains dietary fiber,
  • they are a good source of Potassium that is good for your heart,
  • they are rich in Vitamin K that can potentially improve the bone strength.    Read more about Cucumber health benefits and recipes here.

How to Grow cucumbers

Prepare soil. Cucumbers are heavy bearers, they require very rich soil: compost or aged manure heap is the best. 

Start seeds directly in the prepared soil outside 2 weeks before the last frost in your area. Place seeds 1" deep in the ground and  keep 1-foot distance between plants.  Cover seedlings with poly when weather is cool.  Water cucumbers regularly thru the whole season.

When plants are about 1-2 feet long, pinch off the tip of each plant to encourage more branches to grow from the main stem.

Plant some blooming flowers in the vicinity, such as marigold, bergamot, sunflowers, lavender, to attract natural pollinators (bees, butterflies) - much needed by cucumbers to produce more.

Model: Cucumber seeds
 65 days.  This cucumber is very popular in Canada, shows good disease resistant. Produces dark green large 8-9" long fruits.  Excellent for slicing.One Packet contains approximately 20 seeds. ..
Model: Cucumber seeds
 55 days.  This cucumber was developed by University of Wisconsin, non hybrid and considered Heirloom variety that grows very well in cool Canadian climate. Hardy enough and disease resistant. Grow them on trellis when space is limited - they will produce as well. Good ..
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