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Blue-n-Red Growlight Garden Blue-n-Red Growlight Garden
New -11 %
Model: tools
This hand-made portable indoor Blue-n-Red  Growing Garden can be used to start seeds indoors as well as grow greens all year around. It is light and easy to move around if needed, for example you can lift it up with one hand and put on kitchen table to comfortably wok with seedlings or pick som..
110.00 98.00
Blue-n-Red LED Grow light bulb, 15W Blue-n-Red LED Grow light bulb, 15W
New -25 %
Model: tools
Full Spectrum E27 Blue-n-Red Grow Light Bulb is excellent choice for flowering plants and hydroponics. Small size 5X5X6 cm, fits any Canadian standard light fixture. Bulb has 41 Red and 19 Blue build-in light cells. Red and Blue spectrum supplements the natural sunlight in closed envronment (greenho..
8.00 6.00
Northern Quebec, garlic seeds - rounds, 50 grams
-20 %
Model: Garlic Rounds
Same as Northern Quebec Garlic Bulbs,  only those are so called "rounds" - the first year small single-clove bulbs, that grew up from the garlic seeds (bulbils). When planted in Fall, the rounds will produce a good size multi-clove bulb next year. Rounds are sold by weight. Minimum order 50 gra..
12.50 10.00
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