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Blue-n-Red LED Grow light bulb, 15W Blue-n-Red LED Grow light bulb, 15W
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Model: tools
Full Spectrum E27 Blue-n-Red Grow Light Bulb is excellent choice for flowering plants and hydroponics. Small size 5X5X6 cm, fits any Canadian standard light fixture. Bulb has 41 Red and 19 Blue build-in light cells. Red and Blue spectrum supplements the natural sunlight in closed envronment (greenho..
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Northern Quebec, garlic seeds - rounds, 50 grams
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Model: Garlic Rounds
Same as Northern Quebec Garlic Bulbs,  only those are so called "rounds" - the first year small single-clove bulbs, that grew up from the garlic seeds (bulbils). When planted in Fall, the rounds will produce a good size multi-clove bulb next year. Rounds are sold by weight. Minimum order 50 gra..
12.50 10.00
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