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Blue-n-Red LED Grow light bulb, 15W Blue-n-Red LED Grow light bulb, 15W
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Model: tools
Full Spectrum E27 Blue-n-Red Grow Light Bulb is excellent choice for flowering plants and hydroponics. Small size 5X5X6 cm, fits any Canadian standard light fixture. Bulb has 41 Red and 19 Blue build-in light cells. Red and Blue spectrum supplements the natural sunlight in closed envronment (greenho..
8.00 6.00
Herbs Grinder Herbs Grinder
-11 %
Model: tools
Herbs Grinder hand cranking machine is a small, but powerful device with sharp teeth that you can use to grind up dry herbs or other dry plant material.Grinding is effortless and fast using this device. It crashes plant material into small evenly uniform pieces, leaving big chunks behind and separ..
18.00 16.00
Model: tools
Tobacco Cutting Machine M08 is excellent for cutting herbs and tobacco leaves, it is attached to the table or other solid surface, leaving both your hands free to manage the leaf material, rather than holding the shredder in one hand. The machine is uniquely designed to evenly shred/cut whole tobacc..
45.00 43.00
Tobacco Grinder Tobacco Grinder
New -10 %
Model: tools
Tobacco Grinder hand machine is uniquely designed to evenly shred/cut small amount of tobacco leaves by grinding them thru sharp metal teeth.  The output tobacco cuttings are  similar to commercially processed tobacco by size of cut pieces. Dimensions :  105(h) x 76(w) x 62(l) mm..
20.00 18.00
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