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02 Aug My first and very own Lavender Essential oil
Elena 0 78
I was determined this year to try to extract the essential oil from lavender flowers that I have in abundance. Flowers that I can only use for buds or oil production, meaning they are not good in bunches because of short stems, nothing else is wrong ..
21 Jun 2018 June Garlic patch
Elena 0 81
My garlic planting technique has changed this year, I tried to implement - even partially the well known Mittleider method, that I first read about more than 20 years ago. I do not like using chemicals of any kinds, but I appreciate the beds orientat..
13 Apr 2018 DIY Seeds Winnowing machine
Elena 0 92
I had 2 bid sacks of sunflower seeds from last summer, that I just could not make clean enough - there was a lot of duct, debris, empty seeds, broken seeds, small stones. I was looking on internet to buy a winnowing machine, small and cheap enough so..
07 Apr Tobacco Shredder - how it works
Elena 0 120
Tobacco shredder makes shredding  almost effortless and fast, producing 0.8-1.0 mm uniform stripes, that burn easy. Responsive Video ..
01 Apr 2018 Tobacco Seedlings Continued...
Elena 0 59
50-days old tobacco seedlings - now start growing very fast. By end of season they will be 6-foot tall leafy plants with stem diameter of 2 inches. Amazing how fast the plant grows from microscopic tiny seeds in just one season. Yes Tobacco plant is ..
05 Mar 2018 Tobacco seedlings
Elena 0 30
20-days old Canadian Virginia tobacco seedling. Germination if excellent, ready for the new planting season.  Planning to sell about 200 seedlings this year...
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