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Large white skin bulbs, strong pungent onion taste. Skin becomes pale yellow after some storage time. Excellent source of vitamins when eaten fresh.

Used in cuisine all over the world with meat, fish, in salads, sandwiches and much more. The medicinal use: fresh bulb has strong anti-bacterial properties, can help to improve immune system. When flu season, eat some fresh onion every day to protect yourself against infection.

Grows from seed to bulbs in 7 months, best results when started indoors in February.

Very hardy, can tolerate cold temperatures in spring, as well as summer drought. 

How to grow: start seeds indoor in February. Transplant into garden as soon as soil is workable (April-May). Water moderately. Stop watering completely 1 month before harvesting.

Packet contains approximately 50 seeds.

Onion White, seeds

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