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  • Onion Welsh, Heirloom seeds

Buy Welsh Onion seeds here ! Most commonly called "green onion", "salad onion" or "Scallions".  Valuable source of vitamin-rich greens in early spring with no maintenance.

Welsh Onion is perennial onion that does not grow bulbs, but instead forms root ball, that overwinters and start growing from root again and again every spring. It grows green hollow leaves approximately 18 inches tall, which are juicy and pungent in fresh salads.

In same place welsh onion can grow 4-5 years. One plant normally constantly has 7-9 dark green upward looking leaves. If  picked regularly, new green leaves quickly re-grow during whole season.

Very hardy, can tolerate cold temperatures in spring, as well as summer drought.

Easy to grow: just sow directly in the garden in their "permanent" place, spacing seeds at least 6-10 inches apart. Then water them regularly and enjoy green onion all season long.

Packet contains 50 seeds.

Onion Welsh, Heirloom seeds

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