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Tobacco Growing, Processing

Here you will find guides about how to grow tobacco, about curing and aging tobacco leaves and prepare tobacco mix for cigarettes and pipes.

Model: Books
This soft booklet contains illustrated description of a simple method you can easily perform at home to convert tobacco leaves that you have grown in your garden into ready to smoke tobacco.This method is stable and reliable - every time you perform it, you will get same results, so you can count on..
Model: tools
Tobacco Cutting Machine is the best tool for cutting herbs and tobacco leaves, it is attached to the table or other solid surface, leaving both your hands free to manage the leaf material, rather than holding the shredder in one hand. The machine is uniquely designed to evenly shred/cut whole tobacc..
Tobacco Grinder Tobacco Grinder
Model: tools
Tobacco Grinder hand machine is uniquely designed to evenly shred/cut small amount of tobacco leaves by grinding them thru sharp metal teeth.  The output tobacco cuttings are  similar to commercially processed tobacco by size of cut pieces. Dimensions :  105(h) x 76(w) x 62(l) mm..
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