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Tobacco Cutting Machine is the best tool for cutting herbs and tobacco leaves, it is attached to the table or other solid surface, leaving both your hands free to manage the leaf material, rather than holding the shredder in one hand. The machine is uniquely designed to evenly shred/cut whole tobacco leaves in 1mm stripes.

Please refer to our blog to see working video. NOTE: the shredder in the video is a larger version than this one, however the process is the same.

The leaf shredding machine comes with no warranty.  It has been tested at the factory to proper standards.

To ensure the longer lifetime of the machine, please follow these simple rules:

1) Leaves must be dry, never try to shred damp material - it will clog the machine

2) Remove the hard central rib from the leaves - otherwise it will also cause clogging

3) Never force the machine, it must be running easy. If it is stuck, gently turn it back a bit and remove all clogs by hand.

4) Never run more than one leaf through the machine at any time - thick material will cause forcing the machine. 

Caution: Risk of injury. For adults over 18 years old. 

Tobacco Cutting Machine

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