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If you are looking for rare  Black Russian Radish seeds in North America - you are in the right place. We grow and sell organic Black Radish seeds in Canada.

There are many types of radishes that differ in color, shape and taste. They often have prudent refreshing taste, and always very juicy flesh. They tolerate cold temperature, and in fact suffer in hot climates, that makes them perfect for early Spring fresh from garden vitamin supplement.

Health benefits of eating radishes include:

  • mild anti-inflammatory especially for urinary system
  • help in weight loss
  • detoxifying effect
  • improving blood pressure
  • rich in vitamin C
Read more about Health benefits of radish here.


Radish Black Russian, seeds Radish Black Russian, seeds
Model: Radish
95 days. Black Radish is very popular vegetable in Russia, often is grown in family gardens. People like it for its bitter refreshing taste. Mostly is eaten freshly diced in simple salads (Black Radish, salt, sour cream or vegetable oil). Edible part of plant is it's spherical shape root , which has..
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