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We make Lavender products at our Canadian Farm in small batches and you can buy them online, such as soaps, sachets, pillow inserts, mists etc.

Model: LavenderProducts
English Lavender Essential Oil, made from lavender grown on our own Canadian farm, PURE and ORGANIC..No chemicals, no additives. Made by our own steam distillation process, not very efficient process but all NATURAL at its best.Lavender essential oil has calming, soothing, as well as anti-inflammato..
Model: LavenderProducts
 Our Lavender Mist is made of pure concentrated Lavender hydrosol.  Wonderful sweet and floral scent !  During the essential oil extraction process (steam distillation) the hydrosol is coming out with essential oil flowing on top of it. Some essential oil still remains dissolved ..
Model: LavenderProducts
Soap bar 1X2X3" made by ancient soap making process and with all natural ingredients:Coconut oil, Vegetable shortening, Olive oil, Lavender essential oil. Our soap makes creamy, dense and aromatic lather. Excellent for bathrooms, kitchen and alike. Makes excellent little gift for loved ones that sho..
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