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  • Lavender Straw, 1 lb bag

"Lavender Straw" is a side product after de-budding process, that contains dry  English Lavender stems left after buds were mechanically removed.

The straw still has some buds left behind and strong lavender scent especially when touched and rubbed.

Usage ranges from adding to pets and small animals bedding, to using in crafts and scented decoration, to making air freshener and moth repellent in the house, barn etc.

Lavender is a natural insect repellent to keep fleas and other crawling bugs away. It helps soothing the irritation of flea bites. Thanks for its sedative properties, lavender is good for dogs and cats who are overly excitable or nervous. It is safe for animals.

Sold in 1-pound bags.

Lavender Straw, 1 lb bag

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