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Lavender Face, Hands Healing Balm, 70g


Lavender Face, Hands Healing Balm, 70g

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Lavender Face, Lips, Hands Healing Balm is a luxurious homemade nourishing cream for skin.
It is made of simple all-natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce:
- oils: coconut, virgin olive, grape seeds
- beeswax
- lavender essential oil

Grape seed oil is very beneficial for your skin in many ways (does NOT clog pores, treats acne, tightens skin, fights aging) - more on Grape seed oil for skin here.

Olive oil has antioxidant, exfoliation properties and also does NOT clog pores - more on Olive oil here.

Beeswax has natural anti-bacterial, moisturizing, soothing effects - more on Beeswax for skin here.

Other store-bought lotions are mostly based on glycerin and alcohol with addition of numerous chemical. They leave a thin layer of chemical substance on top of your skin, that is claimed to be a moisture barrier, but actually clogs the skin pores and is easily washed off or smeared with water, rain or sweat. 

Unlike them, our cream creates an invisible all natural oil/beeswax protective barrier with wonderful healing properties:
a) it does NOT clog pores and leave them breathable
b) it is NOT water soluble and cannot be washed off easily, therefore it keeps protecting your skin for as long as you wear it.
c) it nourishes and tightens your skin while fighting acne and aging.

Our cream has pleasant light lemony color and somewhat solid but not lumpy consistency, that melts momentarily on a touch and spreads evenly over the skin.

This cream is great to use on face, neck, lips, hands or as a body butter. It heals dry, flaky, cracked skin in a matter of days !   

How to use it:

1. Scoop little amount of cream out of jar and spread evenly on your face and neck, cream remains pliable for a long time, which gives you some time to rub it gently into your skin and massage at the same time. 
2. This cream contains natural oils, that may not completely penetrate your skin in short time. So we suggest to dab your skin with a soft paper napkin or Kleenex  to remove excessive oils. It will leave your skin radiant, not greasy and very soft and silky on touch - You will love your skin !

You can splash your face with water if you feel hot or just need to refresh - cream will stay intact and will keep protecting.
At night, before going to bed,  wash your face with soap as normal.

Available for Pre-Order only.

We are not keeping the inventory of pre-made balm. It will be made FRESH solely for your order.

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