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Growing Watermelons

  • Seed watermelons indoor 12 weeks before the last spring frost in your area. Put 1-2 seeds in every pot.  Put tray with pots in warm, sunny place close to window.
  • Germination usually takes 10-14 days. After germination remove week plants, leave 1 strong plan in each pot.
  • Choose sunny spot in your garden for watermelons, they require full sun. Add organic fertilizer and work it well into the soil.
  • Transplant watermelons outdoors after all frost danger is over,  2 feet spacing between plants. Young plants feel much better when transplanted in a evening or cloudy day. On the day of transplanting water the seedlings well.
  • Water watermelons regularly and often, they like to have dump roots at all times. Keep the soil moist, but not soaked.
  • I recommend to put mulch around the stems to eliminate weeds and helps keeping soil moist for longer time, 3-4 inches of wood chips or grass clippings will do the trick and will add some more organic matter to the soil.
  • When fruits start forming, put a piece of wood, or plastic under each fruit, so that it does not have contact with soil - it will help keeping soil borne diseases at leash.
  • Pick watermelons they reach maturity and you like the size and colour of fruits. Mature watermelons have bright red flesh, brown or black seeds and they should be of juicy and sugary sweet taste ! Unfortunately there is no way to see inside of watermelon before you pick and cut it, but you should develop your own pretty good "six sense" as to when they are ready after picking couple of them :).

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