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How to choose garlic bulbs

Depending on your priorities - garlic size you want to grow or health of your garlic plants - the choice is yours.

We grow our garlic from air-borne seeds (bulbils), so that every 3 years our garlic stock is completely renewed.  That is to keep our bulbs healthy.

1) First year: Rounds are the single-clove small round bulbs - they grow from seeds in the first year. These are the healthiest and the smallest bulbs.

2) Second year: Small-to-Medium bulbs are the second year bulbs grown from Rounds. These bulbs are very healthy though smaller in size. They tend to have fewer number of cloves comparing to the large bulbs. Garlic you grow from cloves of these bulbs will be normal (medium to large) size bulbs next year.

3) Third year: Large bulbs are the third year bulbs grown from cloves of the second year bulbs. Those bulbs are good choice if you want to grow big garlic bulbs right next year. The larger cloves you plant the larger garlic you grow. So if you want to win the prize for "biggest garlic ever", then keep planting the biggest cloves from your harvest.

We sell off all the large bulbs stock, and next year the 3-year cycle starts all over.  We also never grow garlic on same spot for 2 consecutive years - this is also to prevent certain garlic-specific soil bacteria to overgrow and harm our garlic seed stock.

So never mind of garlic bulb size - you will always get healthy garlic seeds from us!

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