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Growing Pumpkin, Squash, Zucchini

Pumpkin, Squash, Zucchini - they all belong to same "Squash" family.
  • Seed Squashes directly outside in the full sun spot in your garden 2 weeks before the last frost danger in your area. Do not worry - they know their time, if it's too cold - they will postpone "hatching out".
  • Water seedlings periodically when needed.
  • Fertilize plants with organic fertilizer every months or so.
  • Water plants thoroughly and regularly - they will pay you back with bigger size. But do not over water, fruits may rot.
  • Harvest squashes when they reach maturity OR when you like the size and color of fruits. Zucchini are good for many dishes when picked green and tender. Mature zucchini and squashes develop yellow or orange skin (color depends on variety) and the skip becomes pretty hard - which allows for winter storage. They can be kept in dry, dark place at approximately 15-18 degrees Celsius (in your basement) well over March, April of next year. Check them regularly, remove fruits that start rot,  or if they become tender - eat them first.   Squashes are also good when mashed and then frozen in portion-size plastic bags - this way you can keep them forever in freezer and thaw when needed.

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