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  • German Red, garlic seeds - rounds, 50 grams

Same as German Red Garlic Bulbs,  only those are so called "rounds" - the first year small single-clove bulbs, that grew up from the garlic seeds (bulbils). When planted in Fall, the rounds will produce a good size multi-clove bulb next year.

Rounds are sold by weight. Minimum order 50 gram.

Each variety has different round sizes.  German Red garlic rounds are quite big, but size varies.  50g contains approximately 20-25 garlic rounds.

So - if you do not want to start with umbels (bulbils) - buying the rounds is more economical way to multiply your garlic stock quickly, because for the price of one mature bulb (that can only produce as many bulbs next year as it has cloves, i.e. up to 10 for German Red) you will get about 30-40 bulbs next year.

Shipped within Canada and United States ONLY.

Shipping starts in September.

German Red, garlic seeds - rounds, 50 grams

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