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Fruit and Berry plants

Fruits and Berries live plants and seedlings to grow in Canada are sold here.

Concord, Grapevine plant
Model: Live Plants
Concord grape was developed by Ephraim Wales Bull in Concord, Massachusetts in 19th century. Fruit is very sweet and has distinct taste and flavor. Skin of fruit is dark blue or purple and is easy to slip off the fruit flesh. Because of their distinct taste, concord grape is commercially used for gr..
Fort Laramie, Strawberry plant 2" pot
Model: Live Plants
Strawberry Fort Laramie, heavy bearer, good size fruits are red, very sweet and tasty. Bearing from end of May to beginning of July. Fruits are excellent for fresh eating and also good for canning and jelly.Strawberry is a perfect source of vitamin C, i.e. 100g of strawberry provides 100% of daily..
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