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English Lavender, live cuttings

English Lavender, live cuttings
English Lavender, live cuttings
English Lavender, live cuttings
English Lavender, live cuttings
English Lavender, live cuttings
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English Lavender live cuttings are sold here. Growing from cuttings is most economical way to expand your lavender patch quickly.

English lavender perennial flowering bush is heat and drought  tolerant that prospers in very poor soils.

It grows 18-20 inches high and 2 feet spread. Foliage and bright bluish-purple blooms are very aromatic.

Zone 5+.

Read more on our Main Lavender page.

How to grow Lavender from cuttings.

Lavender is easy propagated by live cuttings. The cuttings are small single-stem branches with about 1-inch long woody part, they are cut off the live plant. Cuttings have no roots, can be with or without a flower head depending on season. To grow successfully cuttings must be rooted first. 

To grow lavender plant from the cutting proceed as follows:

1) prepare a pot with good soil preferably light sandy, add some manure.

2) plant cutting in the pot with woody stem completely under ground.

3) water it regularly making sure soil is always moist but not soaked.

4) keep the pot in sunny spot indoors or outside, Lavender likes a lot of sun

IMPORTANT: do NOT disturb plant (no transplanting to another pot or outside) until it shows good signs of grows (more green, bushy branches). Plant may die if disturbed while growing roots.

5) transplant to permanent place outside when plants is at least 5" tall and 3" spread.

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Shipping starts in May till September.

We ship live plants via Canada post. See our shipping information. 

Shipping starts end of May, weather permitting.

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