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English Lavender, Large Plant

English Lavender, Large Plant
English Lavender, Large Plant
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We sell English Lavender large 2-4 year old plants.

English Lavender makes an eye-catching hedge and border accent, and also in beautiful and aromatic plant in containers. 18-20 inches high and 2 feet spread. Foliage and bright bluish-purple blooms are very aromatic especially when touched. Bees and butterflies are drawn to garden where lavender grows, which help to pollinate other plants.

Usage ranges from bouquets when fresh, sachets and such when dried, as herb lavender is used as  antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, helps with headaches, stress, insomnia, also to treat wounds and indigestion.

Grow in a well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil in an open, sunny spot.  Hardiness Zone 5-9.

Plants are available for sale from spring  to fall.  Our plants grow freely in the filed, we will dig them out upon your order. 

NOTE: 3-year old plants have massive root system and very heavy, therefore they are for pickup ONLY.

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