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Looking for organic eggplant seeds in Canada to start your own plants this coming season ? You are in right place.

Eggplant is known in cuisine for centuries.  The plant is related to both tomato and potato. First European cultivars were white in color and resemble the goose egg - that is how it got it's name.

The fruits can grow quite large and different varieties have different color and shape. They are of bitter taste when raw, but when cooked they become tender and mushy.  They are able to absorb large amount of oil when cooked, but salting can reduce the amount of fat absorption. Because of the texture of cooked fruit, it is often used as a meat substitute in vegetarian cuisine. And the Indian name of this fruit "baingan" mean "king of the vegetable". It can be roasted, fried, mashed, mixed with other vegetables in many different ways.

Health benefits:

1) because of low fat of the eggplant fruit, when included in the diet, especially as meat substitute - it can help maintain lower weight

2) it helps to lower blood cholesterol level - remember it can absorb large amount of fat - it keeps doing that in your body

Read more about health benefits of eggplant.

Eggplant Black King, seeds
Model: Eggplant
70-80 days. Is hybrid eggplant variety that produces dark purple almost black large fruits, uniformly oval shaped. Considered as early and very stable variety, and suitable for open field or green house. In Canadian climate grown in open field the plants are not tall - about 60-70cm, produces 3-5 fr..
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