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Tomato De Barao Black, seeds

Tomato De Barao Black,  seeds
Tomato De Barao Black, seeds
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 80 days. Another variety of De Barao.  Fruits are uniformly oval shaped, smaller size ( 1 x2 "). Despite the name, fruits are of mahogany color when ripen, with thin skin, sweet taste with light hint of almond, very juicy. Our absolute favorite.

Plants grow very tall (up to 6 feet), need serious support, bear clusters of colorful fruits. This tomato type is prone to "black bottom" disease if there is deficit of certain minerals in the soil. Make sure to apply complex fertilizer formulated specifically for tomatoes at least once in the season, preferably when plant starts showing blooms in the spring. 

Very good for fresh eating, canning, pickling. Fruits are stored fresh longer than other varieties.

When the first frost is approaching, we pick up ALL tomatoes (ripen or not), then lay them on a poly mat on the floor in basement. They get to their color with time, continuously producing fresh loads of excellent tomatoes for school lunch bag. Perfect "One bite" tomatoes are the kids' favorite of all !

One Packet contains approximately 20 seeds.  

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