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  • Cornflower Wild, seeds

Cornflower (Chicory is another name) is beautiful azul-blue wild flower, that not long ago used to grow vigorously in the corn fields - hence the name. When farmers started using herbicides, cornflowers started disappearing, and now are rarely seen in the wild.

It is annual plant, grows enthusiastically in any soil, blooms the whole season and goes under snow still in blooms. A patch of densely planted cornflowers is an eye-catching electric-blue oasis that can be seen from distance. Bees and butterflies are attracted by cornflowers, which is beneficial for other garden plant grown nearby.

Apart from being beautiful in the garden and floral arrangements, there are some known medicinal uses, dried and roasted roots of cornflower was used in the past as substitute of coffee, die made from cornflower is used in artwork

Grown organically in our garden. 

Packet contains approximately 100 seeds.

Cornflower Wild, seeds

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