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This hand-made portable indoor Blue-n-Red  Growing Garden can be used to start seeds indoors as well as grow greens all year around. It is light and easy to move around if needed, for example you can lift it up with one hand and put on kitchen table to comfortably wok with seedlings or pick some greens for cooking.


  • Sturdy wooden frame, stained to protect wood from fading, but still display naturally beautiful wood grain
  • pre-assembled wooden bottom tray with a black plastic 10.5"X21" planter tray (included)
  • Standard Seedling Warming Mat fits perfectly under the planter (not included)
  • pre-assembled Blue-n-Red Growlight box (you do not need to mess up with electricity)
  • Fast and easy installation with just couple of screws to connect bottom tray with top Growlight box
  • 2 - 15W Blue-n-Red growlight bulbs (included) to help your plants to grow strong and healthy
  • Dimensions when assembled: 12.5"(L) X 23" (W) X 23"(H)
Why Blue-n-Red Light is good for your plants?

Outdoor plants in full sun naturally receive full spectrum of light, while indoor plants - even if they are put next to a window - may not be getting enough of a certain part of the color spectrum.
For example, if your plants are getting leggy or leaves are losing the green color - those are symptoms of deficiency of blue light.

Blue light directly affects chlorophyll production in plants. Plants that receive plenty of blue light grow strong, healthy stems and leaves.
Red light is essential in early stages of plant development: seed germination and growing roots.

If you would like more scientific explanation on how different light affects plants growing cycle, please continue reading here.

Blue-n-Red Growlight Garden

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