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Blue-n-Red LED Grow light bulb, 15W


Blue-n-Red LED Grow light bulb, 15W

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Full Spectrum E27 Blue-n-Red Grow Light Bulb is excellent choice for flowering plants and hydroponics. Small size 5X5X6 cm, fits any Canadian standard light fixture. Bulb has 41 Red and 19 Blue build-in light cells. Red and Blue spectrum supplements the natural sunlight in closed envronment (greenhouse, hydroponics) especially in winter time. It provides essential spectrum for plants that helps them to grow stronger and increase yield. Blue light encourages chlorophyll production in leaves and stems. Red light helps to grow strong roots. 

If you would like more information on how different light affects plants growing cycle, please continue reading here.

Consumes only 15W helping you to save on energy bills. Does not warm up, safe on touch.

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