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Radish Black Russian, seeds


Radish Black Russian, seeds

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95 days. Black Radish is very popular vegetable in Russia, often is grown in family gardens. People like it for its bitter refreshing taste. Mostly is eaten freshly diced in simple salads (Black Radish, salt, sour cream or vegetable oil). Edible part of plant is it's spherical shape root , which has thick intense black skin, and white firm juicy flesh. The root normally grows to about 10-15cm diameter and 200-300g weight.

Very hardy, tolerant to low temperature, stores well during whole winter time. Excellent source of natural vitamins in cold Canadian winter.

From ancient times it was believed that Black Radish can heal "30 illnesses", though recently researches confirmed that Black Radish contains a complex of vitamins and indeed helps with many symptoms including high blood sugar, bronchitis, irregular bowl movements, thyroid problems, kidney stones, liver stones, even hair loss... Read more about Health Benefits of eating Black Radish

Packet contains approximately 30 seeds.  

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