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Accelerated Tobacco curing method, booklet

Accelerated Tobacco curing method, booklet
Accelerated Tobacco curing method, booklet
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This soft booklet contains illustrated description of a simple method you can easily perform at home to convert tobacco leaves that you have grown in your garden into ready to smoke tobacco.

This method is stable and reliable - every time you perform it, you will get same results, so you can count on it, just follow the recommendations found in the booklet.

If you already tried to smoke raw tobacco leaves, you know that it is close to impossible and makes you cough very badly. This is caused mostly by ammonia and tars that are present in raw leaves. If you cure tobacco naturally - by hanging in the barn or garage - after couple of years the ammonia will eventually go away, but tars will still remain, not to mention that the natural process can take years.

You may also already discover that commercial tobacco production process is not openly disclosed, producers keep it secret. Even in those scarce pieces of information that leek eventually into internet, the commercial process shown outrageously cumbersome, i.e. it requires special facilities with controlled environment, expensive machinery and many chemical additives - so typical tobacco users will definitely loose any last hope to repeat such process in home settings.

We did an extensive research and series of experiments, tried different methods in course of several years in attempt to accelerate and improve the natural curing process, before we concluded that this method works the best for us, and we hope it will work for you too. No cumbersome fermentation process, no special equipment is required. All can be performed at home using general kitchen cookware in a matter of hours. 

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