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Pumpkin, Squash, Zucchini

We grow organic squashes and you can buy seeds online at out Canadian Farm. There are many names : pumpkin, zucchini, squash, but actually all of them are "Squashes".

There are two types of Squash: Winter Squash and Summer Squash.

Zucchini is a "summer squash". All squash are originated in Americas, but zucchini was developed in Italy long after it was first introduced to Europe. "Zucca" means squash in Italian.

Zucchini can grow very long - up to 1 meter in length - but usually harvested much before they reach this size. When ripe, their skin becomes hard - like a squash', and then zucchini can be stored for several months in cool dry ventilated area. When harvested young, the skin of the fruit is thin, it can be eaten fresh, like cucumber. But zucchinis are usually served cooked: steamed, boiled, baked, fried, stuffed etc.

Health benefits include

  •  helps to lose weight because of extremely low calories in this vegetable
  • high contents of vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin A, all array of vitamin B, omega-3, calcium, protein and more
  • promotes men's health - helping to decrease BPH symptoms

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"Winter Squash" pumpkins come in variety of form, size and color. They have distinguished thick skin that makes them store longer - approximately til April-May. Winter squashes are rich in vitamin A and beta carotene that are vital for eyes, bones and reproductive functions.

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If you need information on how to grow and care for Squashes, please refer to our Growing Guide here.

Pumpkin  Cinderella, seeds

Pumpkin Cinderella, seeds

110 days.  Cinderella Pumpkin is the old heirloom pumpkin that looks exactly like the coach in the Cinderella tale. Bright orange large (up to 15") fruits are flattened on top and bottom and..


Pumpkin  Porcelain Doll, seeds

Pumpkin Porcelain Doll, seeds

110 days. Porcelain Doll pumpkin is eye catching, very ornamental, pink skinned, large and deeply ribbed fruit. Flesh is bright orange, dense and sweet.Not only ornamental, Porcelain Doll's pumpk..


Pumpkin Butternut, Winter Squash seeds

Pumpkin Butternut, Winter Squash seeds

70 days.  Butternut Squash is a type of winter squash that has pear-shaped fruits with peach colored skin and dark orange dense flesh. This squash is well known for delicious sweet nutty taste...


Zucchini Romanesca, Summer Squash seeds

Zucchini Romanesca, Summer Squash seeds

60 days. Romanesca fruits are ribbed and striped, can grow very long up to 60cm in length and have a distinct nutty flavor. Yield is not very high - 2-3 fruits per plant, pick them before they ar..


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