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Do you know that growing your own tobacco for personal use up to 15 kg a year is legal in Canada ? Read more on Excise Act ...  

Reason to consider  growing tobacco for personal use may be not only because the price for commercial tobacco is ridiculously high and raising, but also because there is a concern about the chemicals used in commercial tobacco production.

Tobacco plants do deplete soil very quickly because they grow very big in just one season, therefore growing tobacco commercially requires to use tons of chemical fertilizers every year.  Also leaves of the plant are juicy and attract caterpillars and other bugs, so commercial growers must use a lot of pesticides to keep the bugs away and to save the harvest.   Tobacco plants suck up all those chemicals from soil and leaves, and from leaves they get into tobacco you smoke. 

We grow our tobacco plants organically - no chemicals, no pesticides, just manure and water plus some caring for plants. And so can You !

Growing tobacco is as very easy. Please visit our "Growing Tobacco & Curing Tobacco" guide for help with planting and caring for your tobacco plants, as well as curing instructions.

Apart from smoking, there are also ample of other uses for tobacco leaves including medical. Read more on Beneficial uses for tobacco leaves here.

To figure out how many plants you need to produce enough tobacco for your own needs use this simple calculation:

1 mature Tobacco plant makes approximately 100 grams of dried tobacco leaves, that essentially makes the same amount of processed tobacco. Now based on your yearly consumption, i.e how much tobacco - in grams - you usually buy in store every month multiplied by 12, divide this amount by 100. It gives you approximate number of plants you need to grow for yourself.  For example, if you used to buy a 100g jar of tobacco in store every 2 weeks, then your yearly consumption is 100x2x12=2400g, then you need 24 plants to grow.

To grow legal max 15kg per year - you will need 150-200 plants.

Please be aware: tobacco smoking is harmful for human health. Read more about heath effects of smoking

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