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  • Peter Hot Pepper, Heirloom seeds, Organic

 65-70 days. This variety is commonly grown in Texas and Mexico, though adapts very well to Canadian climate. It is known for its weird shaped. Fruits are 5-10cm long twisted in all dimensions, become red when mature.  This variety is one level hotter than Jalapeno pepper on Scoville scale rating. Very productive pepper usually covered with dozens of fruits.

Very hot for fresh eating, Best for pickling and cooking spicy Asian dishes.

Health benefits include anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer properties, it is rich in Vitamin C and A, it helps with headaches, nasal congestion, arthritis and more. Read here about Health benefits of Jalapeno.

One Packet contains approximately 20 seeds 

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Peter Hot Pepper, Heirloom seeds, Organic

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