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  • Basil Lime, seeds, Organic

Lime Basil  is a variety of basil herbs that as name suggests has mild and pleasant lemony scent and taste.

Basil has many culinary uses in Asian, Indian and European  cuisines, most often used as condiments to salads, poultry and fish dishes.

But did you know that this common herb has also medicinal uses, such as mild anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic treatment ? Read more about Health benefits of Lime Basil herb.

Grown organically in our garden. Picked and processed by hand.

Packet contains approximately 70 seeds.

Hint: how to grow Lime Basil

we suggest - as seeds are very tiny - sow them indoor in a pot and see them grow till they reach at least 2-inch height, then transplant outside.  If sown directly in the garden they can be quickly overgrown by weeds and you will never find them again. After they are established outside - they need no more special care year after year - just weed them once in a while.

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Basil Lime, seeds, Organic

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