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Dried Buds and Bouquets

Majority of lavender we grow in our Canadian Farm is "Munstead" and other English varieties (Hidcote, Vera) known for several important properties:

1) best for essential oil production (all English types)

2) best for medicinal use (Vera)

3) best for culinary use (Munstead)

We sell dried lavender buds that are all of culinary grade. They are collected, dried and cleaned by hand, so you can rest assured the product you use in your kitchen is all organic and clean to perfection.  Read here about Our Lavender Processing.

Buds can be used for any other applications of course, such as in sachets, or soar making - to mention couple of examples.

Bouquets are collected, arranges by hand and dried in such conditions as to protect the original color of lavender flowers as much as possible.

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Lavender Bouquet Dry

Lavender Bouquet Dry

Simple bouquet of dried lavender flowers on long stems, picked and arranged by hand.They look gorgeous as house decoration and accent points, and smell heavenly fresh or dry, but their scent and other..


Lavender Bouquet Fresh

Lavender Bouquet Fresh

Simple bunch  of freshly cut lavender flowers on long stems, picked and arranged by hand. They look gorgeous in decoration and accent points, and smell heavenly when fresh. Bouquets do not requir..


Lavender Dried Buds (Culinary grade)

Lavender Dried Buds (Culinary grade)

English Lavender is most commonly used in cooking. Lavender has a sweet, floral flavor and is close to rosemary, sage or thyme. The potency of the lavender flowers increases with drying. The culina..


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