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We grow several varieties of Lavender in our Canadian farm and offer for sale a line of products ranging from dried buds and bouquets to lavender-beewax face cream and culinary lavender infused salt. Please check out our products.

Lavender...when you hear that, first words come to mind are "soothing", "relaxing", "calming", "sleeping like a baby". That is right !  Lavender becomes more and more popular around the world for helping to remedy anxiety, stress, insomnia and even headaches.

A little lavender filled pillow insert will release the relaxing scent with every movement and help you sleep better.

A drop of lavender essential oil rubbed into temple area will help with mild headache, or try the lavender filled eye pillow, just sit back put the pillow over your eyes and relax.

But there are many other uses for lavender, including medicinal. Anxiety is the third most common mental health issue worldwide, and everyone suffers from a headache once in a while. Here is a simple yet delicious way to calm anxiety and get rid of headache with Lavender lemonade.

Lavender essential oil is widely used in skin and hair products, bath products, as well as perfumes and air fresheners. 

Lavender infused oil is used as natural skin care and ultimate moisturizer and as Massage oil.

Put a sachet with lavender petals into your drawer or closet - it will work as a natural air freshener and as a "side effect" there will be no moths  around. Just toss the sachet from time to time in your hands to release a fresh portion of beautiful smell.

Little purple-blue bouquets keep lovely smell for long time as well as natural beauty of dried flowers to decorate your house

What we smell have a great impact on how we feel in general, surround yourself with lavender scent, and you will notice in short time that you feel more calm and happy.

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