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Dear Gardening Friends !

Elena's Organic Garden

proudly offers non-GMO organically grown products from our small family farm in South Ontario of Canada. Near the Lake Erie shore, in mild and somewhat humid climate with a little help of organic matter our plants prosper and keep producing healthy yield year after year.

We offer products that were carefully selected for our own family and tested for number of years.

Vegetable seeds:   Cucumbers   Eggplants   Onions  Peas  Peppers  Pumpkin, Squashes, Zucchini  Radish  Sunflowers  Tomatoes Watermelons

Garlic Seeds:    Bulbs   Rounds   Umbels

Herbs Seeds:     Bergamot, Melissa, Lavender, St.John's Wort, Dill, Parsley

Tobacco seeds: varieties that grow successfully in Canadian climate.

Lavender Products:  bunches, buds, sachets, pillow inserts, oils, mists, soap, cream. Our Lavender buds are all of culinary grade.

Live Plants:         Tobacco, Lavender, Herbs, Strawberry - please check under respective category (for example "Tobacco plants" under category "Tobacco").

Our seeds are available year around in packets sized for a small garden. If you need bigger quantity please Contact us.

Garlic is available after harvest, we start accepting orders in July.

Live Plants availability depends on season. Pre-Orders for seedlings (Tobacco, Lavender, Herbs, Strawberry) are accepted until April 1, after that date we only sell limited quantities inventory plants.

For payment and shipping rules please check our Payment & Shipping policy.

If you are having troubles ordering online, please check alternative ways to order in our How to Order page.

And finally: if you not finding what you are looking for on our website, give us a call or send an email and, if we don't have it now, we may get it for you next growing season.

If you like our products, don't hesitate to let us know about it - write a short review on a product page or simply "Like" it - we do appreciate it !

Your opinion matters! Please Contact Us to send us your comments.

Happy Growing  ! Hoping to see you again soon.