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Looking to buy Organic Garlic Seeds in Canada ? We sell several varieties of Hardneck Garlic for seeds and eating - the chefs favorites for exceptional flavor and large, easy to peel cloves.
Garlic is widely used around the world in many cuisines as a seasoning or condiment. The garlic plant's bulbs are the most commonly used parts of plant. The flavor varies in intensity and aroma with the different cooking methods. It is often paired with onion, tomato, or ginger.

Garlic has many health benefit, i.e. it helps fight cancer, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels, improves body's defenses against allergies and common cold, it's packed with vitamins... Read more here about Garlic benefits.

Garlic has two sub-species: Softnecks and Hardnecks. We grow only Hardneck garlic in our farm.  Hardnecks are the chefs favorites mainly for exceptional flavor and secondly for the large and easy to peel cloves.

Hardneck garlic is normally planted in October/November for the next year harvest. In Summer they produce curly scapes, followed by flowers that afterwards become garlic bulbils, which are miniature garlic cloves packed  together in form of Umbel.

Umbels are airborne - no contact with soil - and therefore are free of soil-borne deceases,  that offers a gardeners an opportunity to refresh the garlic stock from time to time, as well as quickly multiply the stock. Each Umbel contains 40-60 bulbils of medium size and 40-60 bulbils of smaller size. Each bulbil takes 2-3 years to grow into a good size bulb. However, if you have luxury of time, the experience is quite rewarding: in addition to getting garlic seed stock healthier, the multitude of growth from bulbils is exponential. For example, if on the 1st year  you plant bulbils from a single umbel, then on 3rd year  you will harvest same number of full size garlic bulbs as if you planted cloves from 7 full bulbs on the 1st year.

How we grow, process and store garlic:

we are committed to growing clean 100% organic garlic for seeds and eating. We never use any chemicals during growing or storing of our garlic. Cured cow/horse/poultry manure, water, sun and loving care is all our garlic ever receives. We stop watering our garlic plantation a month before harvest to mature naturally. We cure our garlic in ventilated barn for a month after harvest. During curing time our bulbs form thick healthy skin that promotes longer storing time. We store our garlic naturally in a cool humidity-controlled area in small batches, and we check for any rotting periodically by just turning each batch around.

So when you get our garlic bulbs rest assured that they are a) healthy b) organically grown c) stored with NO chemicals.

Types of Hardneck garlic on our farm:

Rocambole: Amazing flavor and best tasting garlic. Large cloves with easy peeling clove skins. They produce beautiful scapes with huge bulbils.

Purple Stripe: Beautiful bulbs, very large and colorful. Bulb wrappers and clove wrapper are both purple. They are the best for baking. They have slightly more cloves per bulb and store little longer than Rocambole type.
Marbled Purple Stripe: Like Purple Stripe type they do have purple bulb wrapper, but clove wrappers are brown. Large bulbs with 6-8 cloves. Tolerate any soil, are very hardy and excellent producers. Flavor varies from hot to very hot.

If you need information on how to grow Garlic,  please visit our  Growing Guide.

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