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Same as German Red Hardneck Garlic Bulbs,  only this is sold by each Umbel.  Each Umbel contains approximately 40-60 mid-sized bulbils plus 30-60 smaller bulbils.

If you do not mind to start garlic plantation from seed and wait couple of years, the you will be rewarded not only with huge garlic stock in short time for fraction of funds. but also more clean decease free garlic stock, as garlic seeds are airborne and thus do not contain any soil-borne deceases. Also unlike hardneck bulbs, the bulbils can be seeded in Spring with same result.

Learn more about difference between bulbs and umbels or  view our guide how to grow garlic from bulbils.

Packet contains garlic seeds from 1 umbel.

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German Red Hardneck, garlic seeds - umbel

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