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  • Dill, Loose Herb

Dill as a herb was known and cultivated for more than 3000 years. Originated from Europe, favorite culinary herb in Russia and Germany.  Fresh leaves are commonly used in salads and cooked fish dishes. Flowering crowns  and leaves are used in canning for pickles. Dried leaves and crowns are used as culinary condiment added to soups and other dishes in the winter to give them a nice "Summer" scent.

Folk Medicine uses of Dill are also known for centuries to ease stomach swelling and associated pain. Tea made from dried dill leaves and flower crowns are used to release "stomach wind" even in infants - it's so safe. "Dill Water" is commonly sold in pharmacies in Europe.

Packet contains 20g of dried loose organically grown Dill .

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Dill, Loose Herb

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